Teaching experience

As primary instructor:

  • Nature of Mind (Summer 2013, UC Berkeley)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2014, Patten University at San Quentin)
  • Nature of Mind (Summer 2015, UC Berkeley)
  • Nature of Mind (Summer 2018, UC Berkeley) [Upcoming]

As graduate student instructor (equivalent to teaching assistant) at UC Berkeley:

  • Nature of Mind (Fall 2010, Lee; Spring 2012, Lee; Fall 2013, Campbell; Spring 2017, Campbell)
  • Philosophical Methods (Spring 2011, Yalcin)
  • Ancient Philosophy (Summer 2011, de Harven; Fall 2014, Corcilius)
  • Philosophy of Perception (Fall 2011, Martin; Fall 2015, Martin)
  • Individual Morality and Social Justice (Summer 2012, Scharding; Summer 2016, Murray)
  • Political Philosophy (Fall 2012, Munoz-Dardé)
  • Philosophy of Mind (Spring 2013, Searle)
  • Modern Philosophy (Spring 2016, Ginsborg)
  • Descartes (Summer 2017, Crockett)

As teaching assistant at Patten University at San Quentin:

  • Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2016, Jonker, Kaplan)

Teaching evaluations

Selected quotations from student evaluations at UC Berkeley are available here. Scans of all teaching evaluations are available by request.

Quantitative summary of student evaluations from UC Berkeley is available here. Comprehensive student evaluation data are available by request.