Teaching experience

As primary instructor:

  • Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2014, Patten University at San Quentin)

  • Nature of Mind (Summer 2013, 2015, UC Berkeley)

  • Philosophy of Mind (Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Washington University)

  • Seminar (Fall 2019, Washington University)

  • Reading class (Fall 2019, Washington University)

As graduate student instructor (equivalent to teaching assistant) at UC Berkeley:

  • Nature of Mind (Fall 2010, Lee; Spring 2012, Lee; Fall 2013, Campbell; Spring 2017, Campbell)

  • Philosophical Methods (Spring 2011, Yalcin)

  • Ancient Philosophy (Summer 2011, de Harven; Fall 2014, Corcilius)

  • Philosophy of Perception (Fall 2011, Martin; Fall 2015, Martin)

  • Individual Morality and Social Justice (Summer 2012, Scharding; Summer 2016, Murray)

  • Political Philosophy (Fall 2012, Munoz-Dardé)

  • Philosophy of Mind (Spring 2013, Searle)

  • Modern Philosophy (Spring 2016, Ginsborg)

  • Descartes (Summer 2017, Crockett)

As teaching assistant at Patten University at San Quentin:

  • Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2016, Jonker, Kaplan)

Teaching evaluations

Selected quotations from student evaluations at UC Berkeley are available here. Scans of all teaching evaluations are available by request.

A quantitative summary of student evaluations from UC Berkeley is available here. Comprehensive student evaluation data are available by request.